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Tired of the hustle and bustle and the fast paced working-to-live routine in the city? Can t keep up with everyday information bursting in the seams, each requiring your attention? Are you looking for adventure with a dose of nature, peace and quiet? Perhaps you need to make a change of scenery. Incorporate the outdoors in your life, and experience peace and quiet amidst mountains and rivers. Perhaps you should move to and explore life in Idaho, the northwest mountain state of the United States.

Life in Idaho is like a postcard dream for the outdoorsy and adventurous, as the state boasts abundant natural resources, snowy mountains, scenic canyons, and vast rivers and lakes serving as a perfect backdrop for many recreational activities. The Snake River is a famous landmark, carving through the deepest gorge in the US, the Hells Canyon. In addition to sightseeing and exploring cultural spots, one can participate in skiing and snowboarding, camping, fishing, swimming, boating, golfing, white water rafting and kayaking. After a tiring, adventure-filled day, you can sit back, relax, and just enjoy the majesty of Mother Nature.

Below are some of the natural wonders that await a serene and at the same time exciting life in Idaho. Take time to check them out and be amazed at Mother Nature s gift.


Snake River Serving as a centrepiece of the Pacific Northwest, the Snake River is an imposing body of water that in the past, participated in carving the Hells Canyon and Palouse Hills. The river is also the centre of life and activity, sustaining human settlers from thousands of years ago during the time of the Native Americans. Today, there are many parks and tourist sites showcasing the beauty of the Snake River. One can go camping, boating and fishing in the American Falls, Brownlee, or Oxbow Reservoirs. You can also visit Davis Creek Cellars or Fraser Vineyard for a sip of home grown wine. Feeling a bit daredevil? Visit the Evel Knievel Jump Site in Twin Falls area or literally jump off the Perrine Bridge with a parachute. BASE jumping is a favourite activity in Perrine Bridge, since it is 486 feet above the Snake River.

Shoshone Falls the pride of Snake River, Shoshone Falls plunges 212 feet deep, making it higher than the Niagara Falls. Shoshone Falls is found in Twin Falls and can also be accessed at the Dierkes Lake Complex. There are many recreational activities around Shoshone Falls that are perfect for the spring and summer months; visitors can hike, swim, ride a boat, or simply sightsee and photograph the beautiful falls. Dierkes Lake Complex provides facilities, picnic spots, and visitor information that will make family outings or gathering memorable.

Snake River Canyon The Snake River Canyon provides a spectacular background for your outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and fishing. The canyon stretches on either side of Twin Falls and can be viewed on the South of Perrine Bridge or at Shoshone Falls.

City of Rocks National Reserve The 14, 407 acres of land is a breath taking scene of gigantic geological formations, some rocks as old as time itself (the oldest is about 2.5 billion years old). Visitors can go rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking horseback riding, and in the snowy months, skiing and snowboarding.

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