Do It Yourself Appliance Repair: Some Important Reminders

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By Maraya Mullen

“Who remembers how things were like before TV? Or the microwave oven? Or the heater?

For most of us modern beings, life without our favorite appliances is virtually unimaginable. So when things go awry and you find your home appliances doing things theyre not supposed to do, you immediately reach for the yellow pages and call appliance repair experts.

But then there are those that are braver than most, who, with a little knowledge, a lot of do-it-yourself books, and even greater amount of guts, takes on household appliance problems all by their lonesome.

But while some do succeed in fixing their appliances, others fail miserably. What some people forget is that doing DIY home appliance repairs is not as simple as making the decorative crafts Martha Stewart makes in her show. A single mistake could lead to serious (and costly) injuries. To avoid any costly problems, try following these rules:

Always unplug the device before you start working on it.

Make sure youve unplugged the device before you tinker with it to avoid accidents. If you can turn off the main switch, then do sogetting electrocuted is not a pleasant experience.


Work somewhere with good lighting.

When you work with home devices, you deal with small and delicate parts. Because of this, youd want to work in a well-lighted area where there is less chance of you accidentally stepping on a spare part or losing a tiny screw.

Always work with somebody else.

As was stated earlier, DIY appliance repair can expose you to potentially harmful situations. By having somebody nearby while you work your magic on your broken appliance, someone will be able to immediately help you in case something untoward happens. Plus, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one; fixing the appliance is bound to be easier if you have a friend you can easily consult with.

Keep your focus.

Many accidents occur because people are distracted and they lose focus at the task at hand. Some examples of what could happen include:

o You forget to unplug the appliance

o You become careless and clumsy and you further damage the device

o You forget how you took the appliance apart and youre unable to put it back together again.

So when you work on repairing your appliance, concentrate and keep your focus.

Some things are better left to the professionals

While you might consider yourself adept at DIY repair, some sensitive and complicated appliances (the microwave and the washing machine are particularly difficult to fix) are really just better left to appliance repair specialists. This would not only ensure better and more lasting results, you also avoid endangering yourself.

The next time you decide to work on your broken toaster yourself, keep these reminders in mind. Remember, youre supposed to be fixing the appliance, not worsening the damage.

About the Author: Maraya Mullen is a copywriter affiliated American Appliance Services (

), a company of appliance repair experts that operates in the greater Los Angeles region.


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