Year 2013 Seeing The Excellent Bet In Commercial Properties In Delhi Ncr

Year 2013 Seeing the Excellent Bet in Commercial Properties in Delhi NCR


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At present commercial real estate has remained lively in Delhi NCR and remain to draw in large investments. As Mr. Vikas Raj Sharma, the Director of Cosmic Group, spoke to Ms. Sruthi Kailas about the scope of commercial properties in Delhi NCR this year.

What developments you anticipate in Delhi realty this year?

As going by the recent sequence of events, the costs are absolute to increase. The state government is working on two crucial bills the Real Estate Regulation Bill and the Land Acquisition Bill. Additionally, they have approved FDI in multi brand retail. If the costs are absolute to increase and you\’ve got new foreign investments coming, especially on commercial facade. And the rate of commercial realty increase, it might undoubtedly impact the residential property. Another development is the RBI rates cut. As following this, the banks are providing lower home loans rates. Therefore, the rising demand would be undoubtedly have a positive impact on the sector current year.

Which areas would be the new growth corridors in Delhi NCR?


Gurgaon, Delhi NCR is the leader in attracting many patrons for investments. As consumers tend to purchase both residential and commercial properties in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. Given the statement that, they strongly believes that Noida have surpassed Gurgaon in 3 years of duration as a result Gurgaon is facing space crunch while Noida has the extension and also has well engineered infrastructure. Thus, Noida Expressway, Noida Extension and Greater Noida has done very well. As Noida Extension has additionally been cleared by the authorities currently and therefore it might rise. The Ghaziabad location also has seeing the growth. Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon is growing further. As they\’ve got industrial properties in Greater Noida and Noida moreover in Gurgaon too. However, they\’ve been receiving a way higher response for their Greater Noida and Noida industrial properties.

How does one expect industrial real estate to perform this year?

Commercial properties in Delhi NCR account for about two percent of the whole residential demand across India. Post the economic retardation, the industrial phase had started discovering step by step and this year the costs moreover the demand would definitely increase. 2013 is beyond any doubt getting to be a better year for real estate commercial properties in Delhi NCR in terms of both rentals and sales.

What are the factors one ought to confine in mind before investing in an industrial space?

As the capitalist you\’ve got to confirm that you simply get connected with the right individuals. The real estate builders and developers ought to have an honest background, one ought to check their delivery history that could be an important ethics.Further, the land they\’re constructing on needs to be approved by some cautious authorities. These are the factors you must check about a real estate builders. Talking about what variety of industrial property one ought to invest in or the dimensions of the property one ought to look for, it\’s a tricky alternative. As the sizes for the workplace for example, varies from 300 to 1000 sq ft and above. As the size strictly depends upon the investor\’s budget. Also, one ought to deliberate to what extent the real estate developer is aiding you to additional lease out the property to 3rd parties. This kind of yield a project has received in the past ought to even be thought about.

Would you recommend capitalist to go for industrial or residential projects?

As it is the subjective issue. Someone who does own a homes would undoubtedly need to invest in an exceedingly residential property initial. However, if you are searching for a property for strictly investment purpose than industrial properties in Delhi NCR is the most effective bet. The industrial properties guarantee higher returns. If you\’ve got a residential property that you\’ve rented out, the annual rental return you get isn\’t even two percent of the full value. On the opposite hand, the commercial returns are higher at 8% and goes up to 12% in sure cases.

Do you advise Delhi NCR as the right destination for industrial investments?

Yes! As the many corporations have started shifting their base from Mumbai and Bangalore to Delhi NCR because of varied factors like handiness of the reasonable land, the most important well developed infrastructure etc. Delhi NCR is in truth the foremost ideal location for the investments of industrial properties in Delhi NCR.

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