Online Learning Platform For Effective Design And Development Of Training Content

Undoubtedly, deployment of modern e-learning tools holds great significance in designing and developing training content effectively. Rather than focusing to deliver technology based learning, firms are using robust authoring tools to mitigate overall training cost, time and effort.

Almost every industry from automobile and retail to banking, software and others, they have to come across common training challenges like geographically spread workforce, evolving needs and low adoption of technology. To address these challenges, firms make use of modern LMSs which support rapid authoring tools to create, repurpose and deliver relevant training content effectively.

Although the design and development of online courses is simple but it definitely calls for coding expertise. Companies from different industries make use of different types of rapid e-learning tools to save overall training cost and effort. It may include:

  • Lectora

This is one of the most important e-learning tools having an intuitive UI which supports effective content delivery across various platforms. The authoring tool also integrates with other software to successfully edit and import images as well as videos. The concerned authoring tool is also compliant with the web content accessibility Guidelines which makes it a worthy option for many firms.

  • Articulate storyline 2

The concerned rapid e-learning tool supports an in-built library of courses which can be aligned as per the pertinent needs of all. This powerful e-learning tool also contributes to design HTML5 and Flash-based courses that are compatible with Smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android).

  • Adobe captivate

It’s a powerful tool which enables the incorporation of interactive elements like audios, quizzes, videos and games according to the custom learning needs. The tool also supports other features like high effects, motion paths, scripting and more to create highly engaging training content for new-age learners.

  • Composica

It is considered as one of the most powerful SCORM authoring tools which help firms to create and repurpose courses at reduced rates. The concerned online learning platform serves as a collaborative e-learning tool which allows the inclusion of games, quizzes and assessments using the browser. Learners can collaborate with their peers, share new ideas and seek expert advice through discussion forums, surveys and much more.

However, if you are also looking forward to the Affordable Online learning platform in USA, you will find plethora of options to choose from. So, choose the best one and ensure improved technology-aided e-learning and make most out of your business!!!

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