Jason Natural Skin Care Product Review

Submitted by: Valerie Rosenbaum

Jason natural skin care products do contain synthetic ingredients. The company does not attempt to hide that fact. Whether or not the synthetic ingredients are bad is a matter of some debate. Here s a look at the subject.

There are extremists on every issue. The extremists on this one might have you using only extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer. While some people swear that olive oil is what has helped them maintain their appearance over the years, research and development teams believe that even nature needs a helping hand.

Olive oil looks shiny when applied straight out of the bottle. The consistency is unpleasant. It does not feel like a lotion or emollient and it takes some time to be absorbed.

Researchers have found that olive oil can be specially formulated to penetrate deeply and quickly. One of the proprietary compounds derived from olive oil is OLIVEM 800. It is found in some of the better body lotions, but is not an ingredient in Jason natural skin care creams.

An extremist or purist would not like OLIVEM 800, because the olive oil has been changed. Even though the compound contains no synthetic chemicals and no harsh solvents are used during processing, they would vote against it.


Olive oil is just one example of naturally occurring compounds that can be improved upon using science. There are many others. Let s look at honey.

Honey is found in skincare products of all kinds. Some varieties are known to have potent antioxidant and antibacterial activity. Manuka honey is an example of a more potent variety.

While you could apply honey to a wound and cover it with a bandage, it is not something that you could do on a regular basis to help heal existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Companies have been able to dehydrate the honey, while allowing it to retain all of its beneficial properties.

Antioxidants of all kinds are beneficial for the skin s health and appearance. It should come as no surprise that some are more beneficial than others.

Many Jason natural skin care products contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the body to build strong collagen fibers. However, it is doubtful that the nutrient can penetrate through all of the skin s outer layers and into the layer where the collagen fibers are produced.

You should always be sure to get enough vitamin C through your diet. You can do that by eating citrus, apples or other fruits. Or you can choose to take a dietary supplement every day.

Whether or not topically applied vitamin C is beneficial for reversing the signs of aging, repairing sun damage or reducing wrinkles is not known. It is known that topically applied coenzyme Q10 is beneficial for those problems, although the particles of the antioxidant must be reduced in size in order to penetrate. So, once again, science must help nature.

Do Jason natural skin care products contain coenzyme Q10? Read the label of ingredients and you ll find out.

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