Getting Hitched With My Girlfriend

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Submitted by: Adrian Gowels

For me one of the best things that ever happened was getting hitched with my long time girlfriend. Even getting engaged to her took me around one year. We met each other at a common friend s house. Ours was not the love at the first sight; in fact we started getting together after our fourth or fifth visit.

On our third meeting, again with a common friend, we were supposed to catch a movie together. She wasn t beside me at the start but after intermission all our seats got shuffled and I happen to sit next to her. Even then I was casual about it, although I felt good as I was sitting beside a beautiful lady. After that show, I met her again in the mall with her parents. She introduced me to her parents as her friend. Luckily, I was in good clothes that day rather than the usual shorts and tees.


Her dad and I started our discussion and we went on and on. Till the time they were done with their shopping, we two were discussing about every topic under the sun. Even I wondered how come I managed to talk and listen so much. After their shopping and about time they were leaving, I asked her to give her phone number. She smiled and gave her number and asked me to call me at night. I was stunned at the reply, normally when someone asks other phone number the usual reply goes to give a miss call now. She asked me to call her at night and I was confused as exactly when am I was supposed to call her.

I decided to call her at around 9.00, not too early or late. I called her and there was no response from her. I decided to call her after one hour. But hardly after five minutes I got a call from her. After the formal talks, we moved on to talk more freely. She asked me how come I spend so much time with her father. To which I replied casually. She later told that her dad told her that if she ever had a boyfriend it should be like me. I really felt good but I decided against going more freely that day.

We decided to meet each other next day at a common friend s house. It was more of an arranged meeting for us. It was there we decided to hang out together at some water resort. We all decide to go to panoramic resort Karnala as it was near to our locality.

It would also help us to spend some quality time with each other. It was at Panoramic resort Karnala, we felt that we should get forward and start dating each other. After our that visit we met each other many times, spend more than two hours on phone with each other and also done crazy things with each other. Now we were going to get married and we suppose that we have many more such wonderful moments with each other. For this purpose I ve also invested in Pancard club investment scheme, which allows me to avail accommodation in their hotels without any additional cost. The hotels and resorts are managed by Panoramic Universal Limited (PUL). a part of Panoramic group of companies that even Pancard clubs limited is part of.

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