Equipment Needed For Making A Presentation

By SeanM Murphy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a message conveyed with the help of audio visual equipment must be infinitely more eloquent as it appeals to both auditory and visual senses. Audio visual equipment can bring a dull presentation to life. It can convey your idea in a crisp yet clear manner with the use of images, video clips, graphical representations etc. Audio visual props provide transparency to the topic you discuss and help the listener better understand and assimilate. The last decade has witnessed an incredible development in the audio visual technology and applications. The market is flooded with high end gadgets that bear the mark of cutting-edge technology. But very often, these equipments are highly expensive and buying them is not a practical proposition. Audio video equipment rentals can help address your audio visual technology needs by lending you the equipment on rent for short or long durations.

Different Types of Projectors

The first important requirement for an audio visual presentation is a projector. There are three basic types of projectors available in the market- CRT, LCD and DLP. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) projector operates like the old television sets. It mixes the basic red, blue and green lights and projects them through an arrangement of three lenses onto a flat surface to create an image. These projectors are ideal for commercial use because of their high clarity. Nevertheless, these projectors are expensive and difficult to maintain. That is why it is more convenient to get such a projector on rent instead of purchasing it for a big amount. You can approach an audio video equipment rentals company for a quotation for a CRT projector rental.

The LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors, project red, blue and green lights through a LCD panel and create images. However, each model of LCD projectors has different resolution. The rental charges of these projectors vary according their specifications.

The Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors control and reflect images with an array of tiny mirrors. They are ideal for educational and corporate presentations.


You would want to consider overhead projectors for large audiences – these projectors enlarge the image to a greater extent than others when it is reflected on the screen. People sitting at a distance find it easy to view the images that are larger in size.

Projector Screen

When you have a projector for you presentation, you will also need a screen where the image can be projected. These screens can be attached to the wall or mounted on tripods.

A/V Trolley

The next important requirement is an A/V trolley for mounting the projector, television set and other audio visual equipment.

Laptop or a PC

Computer based display is a popular way of delivering a presentation. This involves connecting a laptop or a PC to the projector and accessing the computer as the source of projection material.

Apart from these, you may also need microphones, laser pointers, remote control devices, CDs or DVDs for your presentation.

Many of these equipments are quite expensive and delicate, and their maintenance can be tedious and cumbersome. It is best to opt for audio video equipment rentals if your scheduled event is at a distance from your office. There is little benefit in transporting the fragile equipment outside the city or to a distant location.

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