China Try Water Flexible Social Management Highlights A Service Oriented Government

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By Himfr Tian

Two meetings prospectie: China try water flexible social management highlights a service-oriented government

Guangzhou leadership at the Asian games in 2010 JieFang citizens (before October 18 perturbation). Since 2005, guangzhou municipal party committee and the city government began to hold the leadership JieFang activities. Social management as a systematic engineering, innovation task multitude. From grass-roots practice shows that the social management focus in recent place from people in the difficulty of management innovation, where the largest percentage of innovation. The xinhua news agency LuHanXin

Xinhuanet guangzhou March 1, (xinhua) guangzhou jointly owned 9.69 luogang Lola street million inhabitants. Before 2004, here is a patch of farmland. Government land acquisitions construction science city, the vast majority live in farmers here conversion identity become urban and lived in a HuangBei such 5 community. Because there are a lot of we check into this street community, how to make these people can more stable life is always the sub-district offices of the important work.

Located in the joint street HuangBei community “joint a community service center” the first floor hall, a little girl back pink bags run asked: “tonight have activities?” Haven’t waited repied, she has come TongZhiLan. “The evening at have party! I want to hurry back to finish my homework, again with my mom and dad come!” Then he scampered out the door.

The community “joint a” is the guangzhou luogang rose 2.5 million yuan each year is being spent for joint street all have switched identity for residents of land-lost farmers buy a social work services. Street agency, deputy director of the paragraph mindshare said: “the service are the main functions of persuation dissolve as many tiny social contradictions, for happiness harmonious home do useful work earnest effort, let common people feel the happiness of life.”


Some analysts believe the social management attention to social contradictions in the bud of persuation to dissolve, is China’s social management to the people-oriented, service first.clients first change a sign.

In recent years, China has a batch of small contradictions caused the tragic events. Cumulative By 2010, A 17-year-old boy become grade A wanted man, according to some media reports, the name of the young BaiZhongJie wanted in the growth process, because didn’t get enough family care and other reasons, to unfortunate life path.

Sun yat-sen university social work services center ZhangLiangAn director-general, “said dr each society tragedy in the beginning when have change potential, while social can provide its change channels and resources are necessary.”

This month, 19 in the Chinese provincial major social management and its innovation leading cadres KaiBanShi on special workshop, Chinese President hu jintao requirements of constructing china-characterized socialism management system, to ensure social vitality again already harmonious stability.

In this year is about to become a topic of hot debate CPPCC national Chinese “twelfth five-year planning proposal” also explicitly proposed, perfect the basic management and service system, strengthen and improve the Chinese communist party in grass-roots organization work, play a mass organizations and social organizations action to improve the urban and rural community autonomy and service function, develop social management and service together, establish the mediation resolves disputes comprehensive platform.

From shenzhen to guangzhou, now in China the most economically developed zhujiang delta, local governments have begun to try to improve social management mode – from the past to rely solely on powerful means of rigid management into consideration flexible service, soften the social management figure, through service realize flexible management, pre-liquid dealing with social contradictions, realize government proposed the conflict vanish in the bud, for the rapid development of the economic society create flexible mechanism.

“The district government first year out of a total of 400 yuan RMB funds for the” united a “field construction and purchase” united a “service, such great efforts for a street purchase professional social work services seldom seen.” Section mindshare said. Compared with the traditional complaint, vascular stability ZongZhi and judicial mediation etc after process is different, the institution of social contradictions “joint a” such a social worker institutions are paying more attention to advance guard, constructing the harmonious interpersonal relationship, utmost to create a stable social atmosphere.

Such a has several crew of social work services institutions May 3 km radius is within the scope of the residents provide old man children with disabilities rehabilitation entertainment services, hatch community organizations, family case counseling and ascension families cope with own crisis ability, mobilize the neighbourhood of mutual caring, provide shelter for runaway children such social work services content. HuangBei community “joint a” business has been conducting professional social work services covering nearly 1 million people, including many service object different degree of psychological shadows are got timely corrective.

Guangzhou public security organs of floating population, especially foreigners management service further highlighted the Chinese economy mostdeveloped region social management to provide more services of flexible mechanism change marked. Guangzhou bureau tianhe precinct diligent police station within its jurisdiction, live nearly 8,000 overseas personnel, but realized three years overseas personages of crime of zero record.

Police station director flood statement said: “expatriate community police ghetto is” peacekeeping police “, the best service is the best management. With our service to promote management.” The police substation recruitment college English test band 4 above college graduates, and take the lead in the guangzhou established foreigners management service, management registration certificate the door, make executes send home visits to a more harmonious police, understanding the overseas personages conditions of life more smoothly. This promotes the diligent police station for overseas personages daily service and management.

Guangdong police academy associate professor KongWen and some other scholars think, depend entirely on the government’s public security management and emergency mode, already can not adapt to the current social situation. If you want to build a service-oriented government, government administration cannot stay in supervision and management functions, cannot always used to administrative force as the backing of law enforcement way. “Flexible management” the biggest significance is controlled type government to the service-type government transformation. (ZhangZeYuan Yang WangPan selects reporters arrived LiuJingYang)

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