Career As A Real Estate Salesperson

Career as a Real Estate Salesperson



Careers in real estate have been on the rise since ever. Apart from the success that one gets to experience through it, there are also other factors that make it a promising choice for a career. One of them is that many enjoy in giving out realty services to people in order to help them. A Real Estate Salesperson (RES), or a real estate agent is one who counsels and advices a person, over real estate matters. He or she has to work under a broker, and to be a broker themselves, they have to have certain experience and education. Under the broker s assistance, the real estate salesperson aids the sale and purchase of property for the customer. Generally, the RES would want to end up becoming a broker as you enjoy being your own master by working whenever and however you want. Interaction as a skill is very important in the real estate business, and so is the client satisfaction.

How to become an RES?

To qualify as a real estate salesperson, you have to take the RES exam held by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). To do this, you must be at least 21 years of age and have an educational qualification of minimum 4 GCE O level or Equivalent. The RES course syllabus has been set according to the norms and laws of the real estate agency in Singapore. Only RES course provider, which is a CEA approved course in real estate, is recognized for the purpose of licensing or registration. The syllabus includes the basic real estate concept and law and the real estate salesperson practice and regulations. Once the candidate has completed their RES Course, the certificate they hold is valid up to 2 years only, after which they won t be eligible for the RES exam.

How to prepare for the RES Exam


The RES exam is prepared in order to test the knowledge of a candidate in terms of the real estate world. While preparing for the exam, you need to aware yourself about the concepts of the following:

Real estate and agency practice

Legal requirements and laws in property transaction and agency work

Sale and leasing

Requirements of Estate Agents Act 2000, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and CEA.

You can check for the complete syllabus given in detail over the internet. The RES exam is held once in every two months. You need to pass with at least 60% to qualify. The paper is of the MCQs kind and it is not easy when you go unprepared. Keep an exam strategy and be thorough with the first part of the syllabus. Also be prepared to get long questions in the exam that take up a lot of time so manage your time efficiently. If you have time, try to save it for revision. Most importantly keep yourself aware of the current affairs in the real estate business as you are surely expected to get questions from outside the set RES course.

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